here is the actual graffiti…and the stencil
I would place it on the side walk up to the financial aid building
 can you guess the meaning? and the why lettering choice?

writing on things


Writing on the bathroom walls

Every semester the bathroom walls are repainted over. It was very hard to find any writing at this time because of this. The funniest thing I saw was on one wall someone wrote, “new semester entertain me!” I found this very amusing because the writing on the walls in the girls bathroom is usually about how one group of people is stupid, how someone is sad, or trying to cheer everyone up with some cheeky phrase. Although I do sometime read these and some times find my sell laughing to my self this phrase was refreshing because it showed humor that the stalls needed some new drama happening.




Mailbox painting

Today as I was walking I saw a mailbox it had weird signs all over it. I assume this is some ones tag mark. Over the university as a whole there are not many of these tags. But I do wonder I you were to go look at all the different tags across the whole campus to find out how many people are taggers and if they tag more then once and where they place these tags. This might have meaning to the person. I wonder if these are meant to stake their claim to a part of the town or if they don’t really have meaning and someone just wanted to have some fun painting.

short podcast clip

short podcast clip

My first podcast!! Very simple, just a little story told by me. I seemed to have a lot of trouble up loading this (more than I should have) but, actually recording the podcast was simple. I have a lot of interesting inflections in this piece that just came naturally when speaking. Things I will need to work on: sound quality, and making it more interesting! maybe adding music noise etc? 

podcast critique

‘So let me ask you this’…. A podcast. This podcast I listened to consisted of comedic conversations between three males broken up by short interruptions of music.  The conversations were very easy to follow. It was just a bunch of guys sitting around talking about crazy stuff. I enjoyed the unrehearsed aspect of the podcast. The men talking and laughing as if it were a normal conversation made me feel right as if I were there with them. This was my favorite part because it is hard to carry on an interesting topic and make the whole thing funny while still involving your audience the whole time. For the most part the podcast was well done, the voices were listenable, there were no awkward sciences, and you could clearly hear what was being said. The few things that could have been done better were the music breaks and the loudness at the beginning. The music chosen to break up the different conversations being held throughout the podcast was not well matched with the tone of the overall podcast, although it was a good way to separate the different topics. And the beginning music was much too loud that I had to turn the player down and then back up when the show started. Also there was one character that was very dry, he seemed to want to stay on topic the whole time and did not contribute to the humor very much. Some of the most important things I picked up from listening to this podcast that I will strive to incorporate into my own is to use an easy voice to listen to, keep volume of speaking/ music at a constant level, keep the pace of the speaker at a medium pace (not to fast, not to slow) and have the topic be interesting especially the beginning to grab the listeners attention.